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For Kee in Hong Kong, a Neighbourhood Pork Chop Hero

Posted on 13 June 2011 by e_ting

Nostalgic eating

For Kee is a family business nestled in one of my favourite neighbourhoods, among miniature temples, funeral homes and coffin makers (and increasingly, galleries and arty shops). It was opened by a man who was a Chinese medicine practitioner – in fact, his certificate is still displayed at the back of the shop (under the specials whiteboard). He opened the For Kee to give people a healthier alternative to msg-laden fast food and the gloopy sauces every other cha chaan teng around town was serving. But he clearly has a thing for pork chop – I’ve never been able to ask him (or the other staff, most of whom are family) why, because they’re always so busy, but I suppose it’s not so surprising given the Cantonese obsession with all things porcine.

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