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Aor Pichayanee 24 February 2010 10 comments

If I were asked what I enjoy most during my holidays especially in abroad, my answer would definitely not be shopping. I’d rather not spend even a few hours each day during my holidays on shopping streets or outlets or some fancy restaurants/bars. Have a look at what I’m obsessed about. I called these pictures my favorites (though some others were not found and not posted up).

Just logged on to my Flickr account and saw some pictures which have quite numbers of comments (popular out of all my pictures) and those are what I also like most, I hence wanted to share with T+L community here.

Black Dragon Pond

(1) Black Dragon Pong, Lijiang, China – I thought if I didn’t take this shot, I didn’t arrive Lijiang. This place’s called “Black Dragon Pond”. Background is “Jade Dragon Snow Mountain” where I claimed there. Read my Lijiang blog post.


(2) It’s good to have such comment on Flickr “honestly, this shot makes me feel I must go to Lijiang Old Town at once!! Seems such warmth and “coziness”… Very nice shot… by “The-Red-Red-Summer”.

Chiang Mai

(3) A charming clutter @Regina Guesthouse, Chiang Mai, Thailand where I stopped by just to take a few shots of it.

Vegetarian Fest

(4)   I have no idea what to call this place in English. I went there with my relatives just to have vegetarian food during the vegetarian festival in Bangkok last year.


(5) LOVE this candid shot a lot! The location is at Village Farm Resort at Wangnamkheo, Nakornrachasrima, Thailand. One of the comments in Flickr said “A well composed shot with good contrast portraying the sisterly love and sense of fun between these two girls. I like this one a lot”.

Poo Jai Sai_Chiang Rai

(6) This shot were taken about 4.5 years ago at Poo Jai Sai Resort in Chiang Rai, Thailand where we (I and my husband) went there right after our wedding.

Sleeping Beauty

(7) HIGH ISO for no reason was one of all comments for this shot in Flickr. Took that advice but still love it because I love its composition. This shot was taken at Spring and Summer, a famous restaurant in Sukhumvit 49, Bangkok, Thailand.

Bern Switzerland

(8) Just a shot from Bern, Switzerland. Have a look at my “Discover Switzerland” blog at


(9) Château de Chillon, Montreux, Switzerland –

Trafalgar Square

(10) Trafalgar Square, London. I didn’t have any inspiration until I got this shot of these teenagers sitting boringly on the stairway at Trafalgar Square. It took almost entire day for me to walk, hop in and hop off the coach before I had this shot and continue having a few more, then it got gloomy.

Esplanade Singapore

(11) Esplanade Park, Singapore. Captured this shot around 1130 PM with no tripod while walking alone on my high heel. I found out that this picture was published on Air Asia in-flight magazine but I didn’t have a chance to see it.


(12) This place doesn’t seem to be a furniture showroom, does it? – Guangzhou, China.


(13) It’s the day I tested my brand new Sigma lens 30 mm. It turned out well. This thing is a coffee bean grinder at Cuppa, Sukhumvit 16, Bangkok, Thailand. Nice bokeh.

Micky_Disneyland Tokyo

(14) One of my trips in Japan. I arranged to get 20 people who are all my relatives to visit Japan, and we went to the Tokyo Disneyland since there were some kids in our group. Nice shot of Micky.


(15) Tuna at Zen, Central World Plaza, Bangkok, Thailand.

hotel asosalito

(16) Cavallo Point Hotel at Sausalito, San Francisco Bay Area in my most recent trip. Set this up with a tripod. I love taking hotel ambience.

Aor Pichayanee

Aor Pichayanee

Digital Media Manager, T+L SEA

10 Comments For This Post

  1. sai sai Says:

    Hi Aor, very nice photos. Love those shots of portrait.

  2. Aor Pichayanee Aor Pichayanee Says:

    Thanks Sai. Love them too but there seems to be not any good models around now.

  3. Nellie Huang Nellie Huang Says:

    Stunning shots Aor! You’ve got the eye for photography, keep shooting.

  4. lifen lifen Says:

    Hi,Aor,have not see you fora long tima,are you fine?I have see your photography,very beautiful.Best wishes for you!

  5. nootth nootth Says:

    very nice!

  6. Admin Admin Says:

    Composition is what I like most in all photos.

  7. Aor Pichayanee Aor Pichayanee Says:

    Thanks all. Will keep shooting!

  8. pern pern Says:

    I like the mood of picture 5, the girls are glowing & natural. Your photography is tranquil, my photographer friend said the same : )

  9. Carrie Kellenberger Carrie Kellenberger Says:


    These are all stunning! You obviously have a knack for photography. My favorites are:
    #5 – What an honest and heartwarming photo!
    #10 Trafalgar Square – A moment frozen in time. I wish I had something like this to remind me of my school days.
    #11 Esplanade Park, Singapore – I’m not surprised that it was published in a flight magazine. Stunning!

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