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coverTweet / Retweet to Win a One Year Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia Magazine Subscription

Join Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia Twitter Contest to win a one year magazine subscription given away weekly by just simply tweeting or retweeting T+L tweet.

Every month, more than 5 million people worldwide read Travel + Leisure, the world leading magazine.

Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia, the region’s leading travel and lifestyle magazine, is inspiring its readers to experience the world. In each issue, readers can find stunning adventures, cutting-edge style and fashion, sensational hotels, innovative restaurants and the lavish spas that everyone is talking about. —————————


Four of the contest participants will each win a one year Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia magazine subscription. The contest duration is in one month (December 24th, 2009 – January 24th, 2010). Each of the four winners will be randomly picked weekly and will be announced in this blog post on December 31st, January 8th, January 16th, and January 24th.


T+L Retweet Contest Rules

(1) You have to own a Twitter account and follow @TravLeisureAsia then simply tweet or retweet the following copy:


“ Sign up at www.TravelandLeisureAsia.com to WIN two business class tickets  to Thailand with a three-night luxury stay from @TravLeisureAsia ”

“ Retweet to Win a One Year Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia Magazine Subscription http://bit.ly/6hmA6l


(2) After you have tweeted / retweeted the above message, please come back here (this post) and post your @Name in the comment section below and we will e-mail you :)

OUR WINNERS who win one year Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia magazine subscription, you will be informed e-mail right after you are randomly picked. Most of our winners will be receiving the first issue in February 2010:

December 31: @ChiewYingL
January 8th: @antybazar
January 16th: @razorazor
January 24th: @qnoy2k

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