Flamin Groovies Meet Jumpin Jack Flash

Bill Barnett 31 May 2010 8 comments

While Mick and Keith are back with the remastered classic Exile On Main Street with yes a gritty ‘Ventilator Blues’ I need something hot, spicy and just a tad exotic to match the tunes to the taste.

Step inside the heart of darkness, adding fuel to the fire

Out of left field come former wild child from California, Hawaii and yes Mexico along with Bangkok’s vaunted Tamarind Café Colin Stevens with his new casual eatery The Burnt Tortilla.

What do they say in Apocalypse Now as they start to head up the river in search of Coronel Kurtz  “one look at you and I know it’s gonna get hot.”

Yes, sporting an armful of colorful tattoos the former hotel trained chef who worked with chains such as ACCOR and Centara as well as tooling his trade at the taco wagons of Baja brings Mexico’s best to destination Phuket.

Red hot and blue thats mexican eats on main street

Charlie don’t surf but he does like his chilies and tapping into a mouth watering selection of 8 different meats from slow cooked pork carnitas to chicken chipotle is  a trip through the pipeline.

Topping it all off are another 8, yes that’s right count em…8 delictable salsas ranging from  verde, fresco, and my favorite Dad’s Holy S—T Habanero salsa.

Sideways sides come fast and furious with tamales, chorizo or for the sweet ones, churros. It’s making me hungry just writing this, as sweat is gathering on my desk, Mick sings wails on “Loving Cup.”

It’s all fresh, it’s all handmade, and yes there are margaritas. Sticky fingers and a scorched tongue are add on’s to this masterpiece of Mexicana. Forget surf noir, I’m all for a bit of food noir at this Cherngtalay hot spot.

The Burnt Tortilla, Srisoontorn Road (across street from Lotus Express, Chergtalay, Phuket (open daily 9 to 9)

Bill Barnett

Bill Barnett

Bill Barnett is the Founder and Managing Director of C9 Hotelworks, a leading hospitality consulting firm specializing in the Asia Pacific region, based in Phuket, Thailand. With over 25 years of "on the ground" experience within key and developing markets, he has considerable experience and the relevant background to draw from. In 1991 he was the first American hotel executive to manage a property in post war Vietnam. He attended executive education courses at Cornell University School of Hospitality Management and is currently a member of ISHC (International Society of Hospitality Consultants) and was awarded a prestigious PATA Gold Award in 2007. He has his own popular property columns in a leading tourism and property based newspaper Phuket Gazette and The Nation which is Thailand's Biggest Business Daily. In addition he's made appearances on CNBC, BBC, CNN and in international news and financial publications. His popular blog, thephuketinsider.com, is the authoritative source of all Phuket hotel and real estate issues and trends.

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  1. lek lek Says:

    this place is great. the only bad part is trying to decide which salsa to choose. the enchalad rojo is tops. sometimes the chicken is a little stringy and wet, so go for the beef (its steak not ground). this is as real mexican as you can get in thailand.

  2. LJ Stevens LJ Stevens Says:

    Hi Bill,

    I’m Colin’s dad. I’m glad you liked my salsa recipe and thought you might like to know how it got its name.

    I was a Methodist pastor in Virginia for 16 years. During that time I served churches in the mountains that were full of hard working, rough and tumble mountain men, as well as churches in the Tidewater area that were full of tough as nails, curse a blue streak sailors and other military types.

    One of my traditions was to prepare three varieties of salsa for church gatherings. Named according to their respective heat factors, the first was called “Barely There,” the second was “Slight Sweat,” and the last was “Holy Sh*t!”

    The latter got its somewhat unusual name because even the toughest mountain men and burliest sailors turned bright red and gasped, “Holy sh*t! That’s HOT!!!” when they tried it.


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