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Steve 27 March 2013 3 comments

For Party lovers considering where to go for their next overseas adventure, there really is no better option than Thailand. Within this ‘land of smiles’, Pattaya nightlife stands tall as the undisputed champion of all things nightlife related.

Each year, the city attracts visitors from all over the world in their millions. If you like to party into the early hours of the morning, you are pretty much guaranteed to have the time of your life in Pattaya. That’s the theme of this post, and whilst the city does have its detractors, I doubt that anyone would argue with the simple fact that Pattaya nightlife is in a league of its own when it comes to having fun!

Central Pattaya Nightlife

Central Pattaya Nightlife

To really appreciate the scale and depth of the after-dark entertainment on offer, it helps if you have got time for an extended visit. The range of options open to you for a great night out are absolutely immense and you won’t be able to take everything in with a visit of a week or two. This is a good thing of course; it means that you will have plenty of new things to keep you amused on return visits and yes, you can expect to be making a return visit! Thailand has a very high rate of repeat customers in the tourism industry and this is especially true for Pattaya.

The city is growing up fast and every year brings new attractions and new visitors. Modern day Pattaya is a truly cosmopolitan city but the place has not abandoned its roots… Pattaya nightlife remains the largest after-dark entertainment extravaganza in the world. There are literally thousands of bars, clubs, shows and restaurants to choose from.

The Nightlife in Depth

The nightlife is not located in a single area, it is concentrated in clusters of Pattaya nightlife activity that are located all over the city. It will help you to get a feel for the city if you think of it as being divided into three distinct parts, North, Central and South.

South Pattaya Nightlife

South Pattaya Nightlife

To the North the nightlife is at its quietest but don’t let that fool you, if the north of Pattaya was isolated on an offshore island miles away from anywhere else, it would still be a place well worth an extended trip in its own right. There are lots of good bars lining up along the beach and there is one street in particular that is world famous… Pattaya Soi 6! A separate report on this Soi (street) alone is justified but lets just say that it offers a unique variety of options. North Pattaya is also home to the two world famous ladyboy shows at Alcazar and Tiffanys. Tickets cost around 500 baht and there are opportunities for a photo shoots.

Central Pattaya is my personal favourite and has lots to offer. You can find hundreds of beer bars on Sois 7 and 8 with all kinds of offerings. Live music, pool and bar games, sports bars with live football, tennis, and more. Getting inland a bit you’ll find the best value venues in all of the Pattaya nightlife options. There are lots of venues clustered together and some excellent gogo bars to choose from. If you like to eat authentic Thai cuisine at restaurants that Thai people use, this is the place to go to.

The South of Pattaya is home to Walking street and if you know anything about international venues for a good party you must have heard of Walking Street….. it is immense! Every night thousands of people descend on Walking Street for the vast array of bars, gogo bars and restaurants that it hosts. There are several smaller sois that join onto Walking Street each of which add their own blend of entertainment. Prices here are a little higher than elsewhere but the quality offered is exceptional.

Walking Street Pattaya

Walking Street Pattaya

All in all, I give Pattaya nightlife a big thumbs up for the fun factor. Like I mentioned in the beginning of the post, it does have its detractors but if you want unrivaled action in the liveliest town on earth, then you really should give it a close look.

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  1. manyasingh manyasingh Says:

    Pattaya, Bangkok and destinations around these places are supposed to be most crowdie tourist destinations of Thailand. And truly these are. Once you plan to enjoy Pattaya nightlife, you mind will think around Lifestyle and luxury. Walking streets, Open beer bars, Cabaret shows, Muay Thai boxing and Night clubs are crucial things I love to do when enjoying nightlife of Pattaya. Here is a mini guide to Pattaya nightlife:

  2. neal neal Says:

    The charm and beauty of pattaya’s nightlife is not secret from anyone, visitors coming for any part of world in thailand, loves to enjoy the nightlife of pattaya. The best way to reach to pattya’s bar to enjoy nightlife is to hire a car in advance from at the time of arrival to airport. Roam around the city in the day time and then experience the nighlife.

  3. CorraH CorraH Says:

    Pattaya is great, not a dull minute actually! But I’ve heard the best full moon parties are at Koh Phangan. Plenty of luxury resorts at Phangan as well, but the Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan villa is the best.

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