The Benefits of Off-season Goa Travel

Harry Morcal 04 March 2013 5 comments

Although Goa is the smallest state of India but it is one of the biggest contributors to the tourism industry of the country. It is flocked by both local and foreign tourists every year. This beach destination has a lot to offer, water sports, an extended beach line, cheap booze, lip-smacking Goan and seafood, ancient Portuguese churches and much more. It plays host to one of the biggest gathering of people on its peak-season time every year. A typical Goa travel guide will only share information for the peak season. This blog here, however, enlists the benefits of traveling to Goa during the May-September off season.

Goa Map

Goa Map

Enjoy less financial burden on your pocket

When one  travels off- season, he experiences less competition in making any kind of an arrangement like for his air tickets or while booking of rooms. Hotels, airlines and restaurants in order to attract customers, offer huge discounts and, as it is there is no dearth of places to stay in Goa.  Off-season is the best time as you can enjoy less financial burden on your pocket in room tariffs, air tickets and meals. Even beach side resorts in Goa offer discounted rates.

Miramar Beach Goa - Goa Trip

Miramar Beach Goa - Goa Trip

Enjoy more availability of options

Since you are travelling off-season, then it is bound to happen that you are going to enjoy more availability of options in everything. Beach activity in Goa, rooms, restaurant and so on, be it anything. You will get the best seat in the airplane and the best room in the hotel, thus enjoying better services. If you travel during peak season, there is no such option.

Evening time in Goa Beach

Evening time in Goa Beach

Enjoy calmer and quieter beaches, away from crowd

It is no exaggeration that during peak-season, there is a lot of crowd, which can actually be disturbing at times. During off-season, you can enjoy calmer and quieter beaches.  In low seasons, there is always less crowd in the places you want to visit. Can opt for any of the water sports in Goa. It is easier to walk around and do activities of your interest.

Fish catching in beach goa - Goa Trip

Fish catching in beach Goa - Goa Trip

Enjoy interesting freebies

During off-season, you can even enjoy various sorts of interesting freebies such a complimentary night-stay or a complimentary meal. They might make arrangements for sightseeing too.

Goa Photo Gallery

Goa Church

Goa Church

Church of our lady of rosary in-goa

Church of our lady of rosary in-goa

Fort Aguada Goa

Fort Aguada Goa

Divar Island goa india

Divar Island goa india

Bote in Goa Beach

Boat in Goa Beach

Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa - Five Star Hotel in Goa

Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa - Five Star Hotel in Goa

Harry Morcal

Harry Morcal

Harry Morcal has been a traveler since his childhood days with keen perception of his surroundings, people and culture. Together with his amateur photography skills, his travel experiences translates into thoughtful travel stories and musings. His work has appeared in several travel magazines, Online Travel Guide and travel blogs among others.

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  1. Nikhil Chandra Nikhil Chandra Says:

    Some very brilliant shots you have provided in your post and equally useful tips. But don’t you think information which are in short paragraph are sometimes getting lost within pictures. Since your content in not that extensive I’d suggest you use them in a go and then provide picture so that a visitor doesn’t find these beautiful images distracting and could enjoy both your tips and the Goa through pictures. Nice post.

  2. travelchacha travelchacha Says:

    Some Unseen pictures you uploaded in your post with good tips about Goa tours.

  3. Nadia diptigupta Says:

    very nice blog and picture collection. I have also visited some places in Goa which is listed here .My trip was awesome. So thanks to remind me my experience in Goa.

  4. dimpyroy1090 dimpyroy1090 Says:

    Nice post!!!! I also had visited Goa few months back.Places there are worth seeing and hotels are very home-like.

  5. cheapair cheapair Says:

    Picture is amazing …Thanks for sharing amazing Picture of Goa… I saw this place by booking my gOA packages form Cheapairetickets

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